Central West is a great place to be.

When I first joined the Central West CCAC in April 2009, I already had a great feeling about the health care community in this area. Since then, my impressions have been reconfirmed over and over again as I have had the privilege of working closely with our many system partners and stakeholders.

There’s lots more work to be done, yes – but every day I see evidence of our ability to work together to find solutions.

This blog is intended to be a two-way conversation, an exchange of thoughts about the important work of the health care community and an invitation for people to bring fresh perspectives to the table.

It’s my hope that I will be able to post some new thoughts on a regular basis, and I invite all readers to help make this blog the best it can be by contributing your thoughts, questions and ideas in the “comments” section below. User Guidelines are also posted for your reference, although I know most people will be aware that we cannot discuss personal health information online. If ever you’d like to discuss something in a more personal forum, I can also be reached at cathy.hecimovich@cw.ccac-ont.ca.

I look forward to “talking” to you soon.


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