Transforming the patient experience one ‘neighbourhood’ at a time

Whenever we move into a new season, I can’t help but think about how life refuses to stand still. From cooler temperatures to the vibrant colour, change is all around us. I think it would be safe to say that we’ve had a transformative year at CCAC as we’ve elevated our partnership with Headwaters Health Care Centre and William Osler Health System and redefined how we work with our community partners.

All of this has brought us to the launch of our aptly-named Transformation project. We’ve changed everything – from the physical boundaries of our catchment areas to our relationships with primary care providers.

In short, Transformation will improve the patient experience. CCAC teams will work more closely with our system and community partners, as well as with each other, to make sure patients continue to receive the community-based health care supports they need.

The first step was creating four distinct ‘neighbourhoods’ that are closely aligned with Health Links boundaries in the Central West region. Each neighbourhood consists of teams that are responsible for coordinating care for patients who have primary care providers in their particular area, which include Dufferin, Bolton-Caledon, Brampton-Bramalea, and North Etobicoke-Malton-West Woodbridge.


Next, we set out to change our working relationships with primary care providers in the community. Care Coordinators will work more closely with these providers than ever before to ensure that patients and families receive the community home care services they need. Here’s how we’re going to improve the patient experience through Transformation:

  • Care Coordinators will meet with primary care providers on a regular basis to discuss their patient’s health care needs and how the CCAC can help provide support in the community. This will help create a more seamless experience for patients and families.
  • Primary care providers will be able to tap into the knowledge, skills and experience of the CCAC team get a better understanding of what community health care services and resources are available and how they can access them in order to benefit patients.
  • Care Coordinators will spend even more face-to-face time with patients to provide better support and develop stronger relationships that will really help them understand the individual care needs or each person.
  • By having one point of contact, there will be fewer transitions between Care Coordinators when a patient’s condition changes, so they can feel more stable and confident in their care.

We know that patients want – and deserve – more seamless care across the health care system. The Transformation project is an important step in making this a reality.

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