Celebrating a year in the life of Central West CCAC

With another fiscal year already underway, it’s easy to gloss over the successes of the previous year as we turn our focus to the future. Nevertheless, it’s important to take the time to look back at our achievements to help us continue to grow as an organization. In June, we held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) to do just that.

We started the evening by releasing our 2015-16 Report to the Community, which speaks to the remarkable accomplishments we have achieved over the past year. Our online report highlights the daily experiences of our patients and their families, as well as our team who serves them, through our programs and services like Partnering for Change (P4C), Personal Computer Video Conferencing (PCVC) and the integrated Hospital to Home (H2H) program.

Our story is told in many ways, including the vast number of interactions we have with patients, families and health care partners. Here’s a snapshot of how we helped support the community:

  • 39,800 patients received Central West CCAC services
  • 234,680 in-home nursing visits completed
  • 1,239,310 hours of personal support services
  • 17,189 students benefitting from Partnering for Change program
  • 100% Primary Care Providers for adult patients aligned to Care Coordinators

At the event, we had the pleasure of meeting Angella Golding whose mother and sister received in-home services from Central West CCAC. Angella’s strength captivated the audience and reminded us why the work we do in the community is extremely important. She compared the Central West CCAC staff to family and credited her family’s care team with extending her mother’s life. I want to personally thank Angella for sharing her story with us.

It’s clear that we have an incredible team at Central West CCAC who do extraordinary things each and every day. We celebrated our many achievements and are ready to look to the future of health care in our community, which will see us continue to deliver the vital programs and services patients and families rely on.

When it comes to moving forward, David Robertson, Chair of the Board of Directors, said it best. “We will continue to encourage the fabulous people who work at Central West CCAC to deliver high-quality service, enhance patient engagement and support our culture of innovation.”

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