Celebrating our Heroes in the Home!

Every day, ordinary people go to extraordinary lengths to improve the lives of those limited by age, illness and disability. Every year, Central West CCAC comes together to celebrate those who go the extra mile with our Heroes in the Home Caregiver Recognition Awards.

Now in its fifth year, Heroes in the Home has become our flagship event that shines a light on the caring and compassionate actions of so many people in our community. Whether they are family members, friends, volunteers, or health care professionals, each of our heroes has greatly impacted the lives of those they serve. It’s truly an honour for us to acknowledge their efforts.

This year we had over 70 nominees who have shown the true meaning of the word “selfless,” many of whom attended a special award ceremony in Brampton. So many incredible acts of kindness can go unnoticed, but this is our opportunity to celebrate these true heroes. There were a number of nominations that stood out to us as we reviewed the submissions and I wanted to share a few that really struck a chord.

  • Monica is a remarkable person who helps a woman adjust to changes in her care at a retirement home by attending all her appointments, doing the shopping and helping with banking – not to mention spending hours at the bedside in the hospital. Monica’s familiar face is a calming presence and to her friend she is “the daughter I never had.”
  • Elaine is a night nurse, who oversees care for 75 residents, and is a “solid rock of stability” for those around her. For more than 10 years she has shown herself to be competent, thorough and calm in the face of unexpected challenges. Elaine makes the night shift as quiet and organized as possible.
  • Anne is a special daughter, and the primary caregiver to her parents, who always makes sure they have what they need. Even though she now has an illness, Anne continues to look after her parents with the help of close friends and neighbours.
  • Prathiba is a loving mother who has dedicated herself to working on her young son’s speech delay. He went from being nonverbal to recognizing family by voice and sight, knowing the alphabet as well as numbers and colours. He is now more social, playing with his brother and other children, and greeting family friends by name. His success is a result of her unwavering commitment and love.

These are just a small handful of the moving stories we heard from heroes in our own community and I know there are many, many more. The selfless dedication to providing care, love and support to those in our community is nothing short of inspiring. Congratulations to everyone on the incredible things you do every day!

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