Entering the Next Stage of our Patients First Journey

Earlier this month the Patients First Act passed in the Ontario Legislature and became law. This marks a major milestone in our journey as a CCAC, and we look forward to working closely with our colleagues at the Central West LHIN on plans for integration.

As a result, the responsibility for home and community care will move from CCACs to Local Health Integration Networks (LHIN). We understand that you may have questions about what this means for the services we provide to patients and families in the Central West.

We will share more about how and when changes will happen in our region as we continue our journey, but there are a few important facts you should know about what’s happening in the Central West as a result of this new law.

Home and community care services will continue

For patients and families receiving services, there will be no change. In the future, home and community care services will continue to be provided by the same trusted care coordinators, nurses, therapists and personal support workers who do so today.

No immediate changes are expected.

There is currently no set date for the transition but the earliest we will see any change is May 2017.

Over the coming months, we will work closely with the Central West LHIN and the Ministry to ensure a smooth transition. We will share more information as we learn it.

We will continue to provide outstanding care now, and throughout the transition period.

Our commitment to the care we provide today, along with various programs and services we deliver with our partner providers, will not change. We are committed to working with the LHIN to ensure there are no disruptions to service during this time of change.

The Central West CCAC provides care to more than 39,000 people in our region each year. Home and community care is more in demand now than ever before and we look forward to continuing to care for the patients and families that rely on us.

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